DSSP provides information assurance and data analytics, database design and administration, and graphic design support services.
  • DSSP provides Subject Matter Expert (SME) to ensure agencies infrastructure/architecture solutions meet enterprise technology standards for conducting, sustaining, and adapting to the business missions and project initiatives.
  • DSSP manages the government software for record management, database administration, and other administrative services, as this allows the program and DSSP to maintain accurate detailed records on what issues/risks arise and how to best resolve them.
  • DSSP provides statistical analysis and data analytics by analyzing, inspecting, transforming, and modeling data to form conclusions and supporting decision-making.
  • DSSP provides graphic design and portfolio/report layout support. DSSP’s professional are proficiency in Captivate, Illustrator, and similar advanced graphics tools and are experienced in advanced PowerPoint and infographics development.
  • DSSP identifies and develops requirements to improve legacy systems fir improved sustainment and formulates technical requirements.