DSSP provides accounting operations, financial management, financial analysis, statistical analysis, financial reporting, and budget execution support services.
  • DSSP provides finance and accounting services to several agencies by supporting financial management, budgeting, financial and statistical analysis, including the program’s financial capabilities, financial reporting, budget execution, deliverables management, and development of templates and tools used within programs.
  • DSSP provides financial management professionals to analyze and review contract file financial information, coordinate error resolution with contract officers, provide corrections as necessary, and assist with budget and execution oversight, thereby allowing leadership to make informed decisions on planning, execution, and allowing agencies to achieve and exceed its targets.
  • DSSP provides Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who possess a deep knowledge in current federal financial management and accounting processes and provide analytical, scheduling, and strategic planning support for the development of updates and/or new financial business processes and systems.
  • DSSP identifies impediments to auditability of financial statement line items or financial statements and prioritizes the impediments based on their material impact on proper financial statement presentation.
  • DSSP validates existing process flow charts and risk assessments and identifies new corrective actions to improve the financial reporting processes within operating environments.
  • DSSP builds audit infrastructure to interact with external financial statement auditors and manages auditor requirements, provides a strategy and plan to overcome material weaknesses identified in internal and external audits, recommends new business processes or controls needed to achieve financial statement assertions, and monitors financial reporting controls.