DSSP provides the administrative solutions, strategic planning, logistics, change management, project management, facilitation, and innovative training support services.
  • DSSP has extensive expertise in providing administrative support and program management through our experience supporting change management, logistics, staffing requirements, reporting, travel management, deliverables management, work paper management, briefing, training, and developing agency-wide presentation materials, templates, and tools.
  • DSSP assists in the maintenance of the Project Management Information System (PMIS) tool to create a living Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) allowing for the Plan Of Action and Milestones (POAMs) to continuously remain on track for the overall goal and direction of the agency program.
  • DSSP implements business process improvement initiatives to support internal control activities and works closely with program managers on issue tracking and resolution, providing responses to program and training related inquiries.
  • DSSP provides facilities management services for federal building facilities, which includes conference room set-ups, office logistics support, and overall facility and commercial property management support
  • DSSP provides subject matter professional facilitators who provide agencies with techniques that not only assist in the development of an organizational change, but also facilitate the communication and execution of changes.
  • DSSP supports day to day communications, training course implementation and facilitation, all-hands meetings, deliverables management, and development of templates and tools used within programs agency-wide.
  • DSSP implements business process requirements and focuses on establishing an integrated, risk-based internal control program that promotes strong management controls over operational, financial, and programmatic areas.
  • DSSP supports change management efforts through development of communication products, such as briefings, brochures, newsletters, and other communications mechanism to foster awareness and action at various stages of the business process and change management implementations.
  • DSSP fulfills Human Resources/Performance management, accounting for role and task adjustments, and ensures that resources are dedicated to the program, while supporting communications across the program and with external sources.